Is this beer gluten free or not?

I’m gluten intolerant and as such I can’t drink most beers any more. There are some gluten free though, this looks like one of them but Barley is one of the Gluten grains so how can this be?


It’s not straightforward…

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“Barley malt extract
Widely used in a food as a flavour enhancer. It depends on the quantity used as to whether or not it can be included in a gluten-free diet. If a product is labelled gluten-free and contains barley malt extract, the product will contain no more than 20 ppm gluten and can be included in a gluten-free diet.”

Found this when I looked it up.

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I’m Gluten intolerant too and I’ve had this beer without any problems. That said I don’t like it that much and I just discovered by chance last week in the beers and lagers section of my local Hyper-U supermarket a GF beer called Jade which is excellent…
Apart from that, the Barley malt extract is effectively to do with the quantity used as Véronique has explained.

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On my way to Hyper-U :slight_smile: Thanks!

Actually I’m not as the nearest one is miles away. How much does it cost and are the other ingredients ok do you know? ie no preservatives or colourings? I have found a site that sells the Damm, but it’s pricey :frowning:

hi there it’s around 2.3 euros for a big 65cl bottle and it’s AB so no additives. It"s also 100% organic and although it has barley malt in it, it is labelled GF as is goes through a process with removes gluten :slight_smile:

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Cool, half the price of what I just paid for 36 delivered!

Crikey, hope I never become gluten intolerant :sob::sob:
Have a friend who is, he now drinks cidre, the pity is most bars here don’t stock it!

Just out of interest, how does it stack up against conventional beer?

It tastes great to me, I can’t really compare though as I haven’t drunk any other beers for over two years now. Just quite happy to have found this one!

That’s all that matters. Enjoy.

Cheers, glad to hear that. I was thinking back to the horrors of non-alchoholic beers which were truly disgusting, so I’m pleased to hear they are so good. Actually I’d no idea gluten free beers even existed.

The never ending discussion about Daura…I’d put it into the gluten reduced section really.
Have you been tested? Or are you self diagnosed?

I’ve been very extensively tested and I’m currently intolerant to gluten and dairy (lactose or casein or both). I have an autoimmune disease, I don’t know which one yet. This stuff appears to have had the gluten filtered out down to 3ppm rather than having been made with a gluten free grain.