Is this really good use of taxpayers cash?

Not normally posting on UK govt related topics, but just found this incredible. Fill the stores with lots and lots of processed garbage foods, get everyone inactive and overweight to the point it impacts their health, then spend enormous amounts on sticking plaster solutions rather than tackling the issue at source - plain crazy!

Surely there are far healthier and more cost effective alternatives???


Yes like cheap as chips vitamin D and magnesium. No take an expensive injection that doesnt work.


A video to listen to, and understand… :student:

Vaping is another time bomb waiting to go off everywhere. Vapes should only have been available on prescription as an aid to giving up smoking, there’s no other upside to them. We’ve now got a whole new generation of nicotine addicts and as en ex smoker I know just how hard a habit it is to kick.


Yes how to make a fortune. Invest in something unregulated and highly addictive, sure fire winner.


Sorry but the man is a cynical quack.


And your well studied thoughts are?
It was actually about the woman but as you didnt actually watch it you would know that

There’s no need to eat cake - or anything else.
Aldi conveniently put the fruit and veggies just inside the door and the canned beans are in the next aisle.

The mere sight of that evil man is enough.
He’s thought to be making 100k a year off his covid conspiracy grift.,

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I haven’t looked into it very deeply, but the NHS recommend D supplementation so since I have to take B12 anyway, I do now take vitamin D and in retirement plan to grow fungi outdoors and get it that way

I wasn’t listening to him, I was listening to her, and she sounded like she was talking common sense, based on her hospital experience & knowledge.


Bit OTT, he’s dedicated his life to helping others, that sort of comment should be reserved for Gary Gliter, Rolf Harris, and Savile etc.


Almost an agreememt then, the distinction was the Lady said when blood vitamin D was measured in covid sufferers they found low vitamin D, so did Italian health service and others. Could be why dark skinned suffered more as they would not make as much vitamin D in the northern hemisphere. Even the the NHS levels are generally too low as that level was set around the time the NHS was formed.
I listened to PHD medical doctor who also daid magnesium was required with vitamin D as the D will use the bodies magnesium leaving people low in that area.

I looked her up.
She’s a Covid conspiracist.
Campbell doesn’t have any other kind of guest these days.
Anyway I’m not watching anything on that channel/

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He was a competent trainer of nurses but has chosen to call himself “Doctor” based on a somewhat elderly OU degree in educational technology and he now makes a fortune from feeding nudge nudge wink wink “follow the evidence” to the gullible.

Says who, she and her colleagues follow the data. The conspiracy was locking everyone down after the initial and quite right cautious approach. This isnt the 1st pandemic and the pattern follows.

Now back to your evil comment, so someone who dedicates themselves to a vocation of helping others then goes on to train more nurses to help more people. Then takes a legitimate phD at a recognised UK university to better themselves. They author several medical books to assist students and anyone else who needs them which are free to download now reports using the available data which again is highlighted and downloadable so people can check the source material is “evil” WTF have you done to benefit mankind and what counter data do you have to refute what is said?


I’m with you on this one John.
For anyone else he explains himself what his channels are about.

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I like him. I watched his informative videos during the pandemic and I liked those too. I’ve no idea who this guy @verdoux is though :thinking:

Devi Sridhar is another professional I listened to through the pandemic. A rock of good sense.

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I have very mixed feelings about ‘Dr John’. When I first heard him he seemed to be says mostly sensible things, but then seemed to wander off towards the conspiracy theorists.

Now, if people want to persuade me about something I need to see it in peer-reviewed journals. I don’t want to do ‘science-by-youtube’ because it’s so difficult to track down hard facts. No idea whether the first video is true or false.


I agree, after all it is only YouTube. But I take it at face vaue.