Is your bank overcharging you for currency transfers?

Australia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Turkey and Romania have just received the TransferWise treatment. So if you're in the habit of sending cash to or from any of these countries now is the time to try them out.

I have been using them for a couple of months now and in my experience they cannot be beaten on the rate, not only do they provide the mid-market rate but they only take a tiny commission and you'll know exactly what's what before you hit the button. I recommend you give them a try, it's really easy to do, you don't even need to pick up the phone, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Make a transfer or just look up the current rate now

Currencies now supported are;


British Pound

US Dollar

Polish Zloty

Swiss Franc

Norwegian Krone

Swedish Krona

Danish Krone

Australian Dollar

Hungarian Forint

Georgian Lari

Indian Rupee

Romanian New Leu

Turkish Lira

New Zealand Dollar

Singapore Dollar

South African Rand

If you have yet to try Transferwise out, use this code to get a free transfer for the rest of the week!

Not only will you get the best rate possible, there is absolutely no fee! (Limit 3000 Pounds Sterling or equivalent)

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We've used them three times now, each time with varying results. The first time took around 30 hours bank to bank. The second time took longer as it took them 24 hours just to match our £1000 with other people's money before it moved. However the third time we transferred the money to them around 10am and it was in CA by 6pm. We even got a free transfer the third time so that was an added bonus!

I’m living in France at the moment, but still have US bank accounts. Every month I transfer money for rent here from my US bank to my landlady’s French bank. Wondering if there might be a more economical way to do this.

Thanks for the feedback Graham, you might even find the money is already there, it often arrives much quicker than the quoted timescale.

Made my first trial transfer yesterday and (although the money isn't due in France till tomorrow) it was incredibly easy, a decent rate and much smaller charge than my own UK bank would make. Excellent follow-through from TransferWise at every stage. Provided the money *does* hit my account tomorrow (and I have no reason to suspect otherwise) much to be recommended! Thanks for linking to this!