Is your lawn a biscuit?

Or, now that I’ve attracted your attention, is it the colour of a biscuit? I’m think of Jacob’s Cream Cracker to w/meal digestive.

This question cropped up in my mind because so many of the photographs of gardens in the property listings I look at have clearly not had a drop of rain [and not watered] because from June to end Sept the grass is pretty much burned to a crisp - no! biscuit!

My zone of interest has been

We have 30C+ every day now in Valencia. 25C-26C at night with 60-65%= humidity. This will go on till end Sept. In the city, it’s +3-5C on the forecast, very debilitating and adds up to a sort of ‘isolation by climate’. Step out and one is immediately a melting blob.

I received some very appealing pictures from DK and MA USA.

I can get this in North of the Loire - Normandy [have excluded Brittany] et al [want to stay west of Paris]

I’d appreciate comments that agree [or not] with the statement by a Parisienne who came to see my flat yesterday that it’s plenty green, south of the Loire to Angouleme.

i dont’ really know as don’t know that area very well but I would say yes - there is kind of a line around there where the weather is very chopped north / south. Some of the northern properties I used to manage are in Vendee - both inland and coast as well as near Anguoleme and it was certainly greener than where I am in the Dordogne, which is miles greener than where I used to live further south.

My lawn is still vaguely green in bits, worse in others (where there is traffic / chickens). The weeds tend to do better in the real dry than the grass but it always comes back once rains hit in the autumn.


It’s 30 degrees here between Angoulême and Poitiers at the moment but the grass is still very green. I was in the Cantal yesterday, 30 degrees there too but the grass was luxuriant. Much, much greener.

I’m a bit to the south of the area covered by the map in SW Dordogne but this is my grass (never watered)

Sud Manche.
Green as- er -grass, and full of busy moles!

Still very green here in downtown Dax

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Dry here in the Charente North East of Angoulême so grass all cut :wink:
Apologies for the bird poo on the window in the first pic…

Certainly plenty of green and fast growing grass here on the border of Vendee and Deux-Sevres.

Green still for the moment, but bordering on the brown in more than one place. Much will depend on how much rain the forecast thunderstorms bring today. On the whole, the area (south of Clermont Ferrand, eastern Massif Central) is much greener than last year so far !

Our lawns are becoming less green by the day, dandelions are nice and green :angry: