Isolation attics one euro

Isolation 1 € has any one on here had this done to there house were there any snags?

I would read the guidance carefully and make sure you fulfil the conditions as there are reports of a lot of people being taken for a ride and ending up having to pay more than they expected.

The main thing is that if you income is over the threshold (shown in link) then it won’t be 1€. And they take the figure from your last two tax returns - the RFR. After that there are certain steps you have to take.

Yes, we had our house done about a year ago. The important thing is the company. Are they RGE registered. Don’t pay anything. I would not use anyone from telephone cold calls.


I tried doing the isolation for 1 euros but when they came they seemed incompetant and they couldnt speak much french so i sent them away I now have a local firm doing it for zero euros the technicion is coming this Friday. Its not linked to revenue either. Other people in my village have had it done and i have seen the work. If you have a branch of Saramajean builders merchants near you go and ask . Its the same idea its the poluers of the environment who will recuperate the bill. Massive 200 yr old house so massive saving for me.

Thanks for your replies will take care

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