It can't hurt to check out your pantries

Having taken a swift look at this… seems like good sense to me… without being alarmist in any way. :relaxed:

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I read “pantries” as “panties”. Clicked on it just to see what I should be looking for in my panties :laughing::laughing:


Now then Mandy… I half expected it from one of the lads… but not you… :upside_down_face:

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I’ve always got a fortnight’s supply of bottled water…always got tea lights and candles…a one ring camping stove and half a dozen gas cannisters…wind up camping light…car charger for my phone…never let my car get too close to empty…always got pasta and rice…none of this is because of the threat of war but because I once spent two days without electricity due to la tempeste… x :slight_smile:


We are always well stocked. I have a larder off the kitchen and spares in drawers in the sous sol.
We are used to living far from shops, we were cut off for days when we lived in Kent.

Confess I read it as panties as well.

I blame presbyopia.


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@anon92567933 and @smw “I blame presbyopia”…:thinking:

I blame nymphomania :imp::joy:

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