It could be sniffing time soon

Thankfully, I’ve no allergies… but I understand it can be quite debilitating for some folk…

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Soon? My plant allergies start in January and stop before Whitsun.

I’ve already been bitten by an insect. That is my real problem.
Everone else is safe if I am around.

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Consuming honey produced by local bees can help alleviate allergies…I don’t suffer from allergies either (except maybe when crops are sprayed in my vicinity…crop spraying tends to make me sneeze and my eyes run…) x :slight_smile:

Hi Dominic… what winter plants are you allergic to ??

I think it’s hazel and possibly rape. When I’ve done the scratch tests for allergies, like many people I react to all of them. About seven or eight years ago I went to the doctor and said that if it wasn’t early March I’d say that I had hay fever. He said, you’ve got hay fever. It’s got earlier and earlier every year. I take anti-histamines until about now then breeze through the summer while my visitors are sneezing every time they go near cut grass or flowers.

My word… . poor you, although I guess you are used to it by now and, as you say… you sail through the Summer while others suffer…

I’ve certainly seen a lot of Rape in full flower in recent weeks… and I would suspect that is more likely to be the main culprit, rather than the Hazel, simply due to the vast acreage that is given over to this popular crop…

Anyway, at least it will be easing soon… :relaxed:

My garden has a lot of hazel trees. Sailing through the summer is a good phrase, days at the coast are a great way to find relief although simple medication works as well. I’m one of those people who can’t be near to particular dogs or cats ar even be in the same room as some down filled furniture or bedding.

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Homeopathy is also good at relieving hay-fever/rhinitis…

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And remedies according to symptoms…