It’s nice to be busy

Well, that’s most of the summer done then. We’ve been up to our eyes in ‘things’, but we have seen some sun on our new terrace after the House Move from Hell (I think we were so traumatised I could barely bring myself to write about it) which is great. We’ve taken on some new contracts, finished some others, dealt with clients both English and French, easy and difficult, out with the old - in with the new.

It’s been our usual roller coaster of life in France, but for some reason even more so this year.

Two laptop disasters, great barbecues, walking the dog in the river with TLGITW, and a 3 day 70th birthday event that went better than could have been predicted, despite the torrential rain in the middle.

With the Summer drawing to a gradual close, I think the Autumnal colour changes and milder weather are something to look forward to, and there are many plans afoot. Of course I’m not going to mention them, as there are 1; too many to list, and 2; we are still expanding, changing, paring down and honing them.

So, having helped some friends with their vendange for the last 3 days, it feels like the season is turning, and the next chunk of life is kicking off. Thinking about the last few months, what was my high point of the summer? I think it must have been hearing that after all the planning and work that went in to it, the birthday weekend “could not have been better!” from the celebrant himself.

What was your high point?!