It says more than it means to

On the long, steep approach down into Volvic from Pontgibaud there is a road sign that, no doubt unconsciously, neatly reflects the different views on life that the Brits and the French take.

The French bit says “Voie de détresse.” The English bit says “Escape lane.”

Think about it.

talking of French signs, this made me smile ! ! ![](upload://8IWZvdGJjav2oJk7RPesNMG05yP.jpg)

There used to be a sign I saw on my journey to school every morning. In fact it was two signs on one pole. The first said “Crematorium” and the second " One Way Street".

When I was on the TGV recently going up to Paris , we stopped for about ten minutes in the middle of nowhere and the guard came on the tannoy saying " sorry for the delay, but the train in front of us is "détressé" .. a distressed train .. poor thing I thought ! !

On the approach to the Fouviere tunnel as you hit Lyon from the North, there was a sign that used to say Ralentir in French but Slacken in English