It seems the French get quite irritated by tourists!

I’ve read some nonsense on this site from time to time but Mr Wildsmith takes the biscuit. Difficult to get a decent meal indeed.

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The French are arrogant and proud of it, don’t be afraid to admit it Maxime.:grinning:

:roll_eyes: A couple in our commune used this “excuse” for returning to England a few years back. I thought they were barmy.

Whatever… their property has only just sold - and for a lot less than the asking price, so I hope their English Diet is worth it. :thinking:

Spits out coffee over computer :wink: Thank you for this Véro, made my Monday morning !

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In a similar vein, and going off topic, so please don’t crucify me for it, they also have a reputation for bringing their own tradesmen over to do up the houses that they buy when they decide to settle or obtain a holiday home - I wonder why that might be, if true ? Could it be that they deem French artisan’s too expensive, aloof, difficult to get hold of, work with, etc ?

I read this and thought: “Pretty much as it was thirty years ago when I first moved here then. No news is good news ?”

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'They’are watching programmes like chateaux diy and think it all can be done on a shoestring. Bringing their trades over for a working holiday. Paying for tradesmen is not really a done thing… same folks in the UK would gladly pay for a ‘homer’ to save VAT. Adding to the black market economy.

I know of a Belgian who towed down to his holiday home in 47 a tonne of cement powder - the extra fuel he must have burnt must have exceeded any saving.
It certainly cost more than he saved in lost respect from neighbours.

Peter Maxims reply was from September 19

this is an old thread… just saying… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Talking of manners… yours need attention.


Steady on Peter that’s a bit strong.

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Especially 10 months later

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I’m all ears, Doddles. Don’t hold back.

The video clips I referenced were vile and indiscriminate and unremitting. The administrators issued an ultimatum. I do feel very strongly about the issue, and I had/have good cause to be, which was acknowledged by the team. It led eventually to the rupture of someone’s membership.

Fair enough Peter, I’m sorry if you’ve been on the end of offensive material but that’s not Maxime’s fault. His clip is innocuous, not even mildly offensive. Your words, on the other hand, are very much verging on the offensive.


I didn’t notice that Maxime’s message was old. A mistake on my part. In view of all the circumstances I can see that the comments were inappropriate and I have deleted the whole message.

I don’t think those crude video clips are appropriate to SF though and they have been ruled out of order if used to harass others as happened to me, in a bullying way, repeatedly and offensively over a long period.

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Can I perhaps (hopefully?) say something on a lighter note…we’ve been in France since the end of December 2019, renting and looking for our ‘forever home’ and we’ve stayed in some amazing places - Duras, Saint Just, Pompadour and in six weeks time will hopefully be in our new home in Abjat-sur-Bandiat. I’ve gleened lots of useful information off this forum and like many of the people on it - why does it have to be a competition of who knows more? Debate is great, rudeness isn’t! I struggle with it sometimes - and I get there are a lot of intelligent people on here airing their views but rudeness is rudeness no matter how you want to dress it up…


I also have an issue with those two expressions. In my book an ex-pat is ‘just passing thru’ '. An immigrant is someone who has left their home country to live full time in another.

But the word ‘immigrant’ carries some baggage …

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