It takes a village to save a Pittie

Wanted to add this, on my Dog Blog travels I come across all sorts of stuff and this one really tugged at my heartstrings.

Go here to read her story.

Help dogs like these.....


Hi Donna Apologies I must have missed your comment. As a past breeder of Boxers, I am a lover of all Bull Breeds and indeed anything that has four legs - but it is so strange that we are quick to blame the dogs and not the owners. This magic young lady is now OK and they raised $900.00 dollars to help her get back to good health, and she never even looked like being offensive. Shame on us that we don't find out ( not all of us ) what our dogs need and not just what they can give us.

Go here for the follow up story It Takes a Village

Great story and a beautiful Pit Bull Girl... Gina x

and thankyou for your response just bringing this stuff into the public arena makes these things more universally known.

As a long time owner of these dogs, they are both difficult and extremely rewarding. I only wish they were not bred, thown aside, and destroyed so frequently in the US. Most people who breed these dogs are not pet lovers and are not committed to the long term responsibility of any dog, let alone one so powerful and with a strong prey drive. I find it absolutely heart-breaking.