Italy announces UK travel ban

Italy just announced it was banning flights from UK

Odds are Germany & France will as well.

OK, a new variant is not Johnson’s fault1 but the shambolic handling of Covid is.

I’m stuck in this weird limbo between extreme anger and extreme despondency at the moment and I just want it to end.

1] Except it is, to a degree. The virus mutates as it spreads, had we better controlled spread we'd have given it less opportunity to mutate.

Lawks! My downstairs neighbours might get stuck in Italy or Italy + N.I. and not be able to get back to SP. Or the one in N.I. not be able to join her partner in IT.

A pal in SP asked me a rather silly question, “Have you met new people in FR yet?”

It’s a complete own goal - using it as the excuse for the Xmas U-Turn has caused the EU to decide it doesn’t want us coming across its borders 10 days early, and it makes it massively less likely we’ll be added to the exception list early in the new year.

I just hope we get enough people vaccinated to start to get the rates down. Hopefully N501Y will not be so different the vaccine is ineffective (there doesn’t seem to be a big worry & Pfizer could easily tweak the vaccine if necessary).

I was reading some of the bioinformatic computational analysis and phylogenetic evolution of the viral genome of Sars-cov-2. Have to say, it is an impressive range, but nothing really out of the ordinary per se for coronaviridae, and pretty much to be expected.

La France dit “non” aussi :frowning:

It seems we are now, literally, the sick man of Europe :frowning:

So, France imposes not merely a travel ban, but a ban on any movement of people, including hauliers - only unaccompanied freight can get out. The ban is unidirectional but would any EU driver want to risk coming over and getting stuck here.

I think more than Mr Raab are going to get a sharp lesson in the fact that we are an island and terribly dependant on the Dover-Calais link.

Why, oh why did we lumber ourselves with this incompetent shower of clowns that masquerade as a government?


Pssst. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”


But Paul didn’t elect this one…


No, although those that did certainly got the government that they deserve.

I just wish the rest of us weren’t saddled with it as well.


Always worth remembering though that in fact less than a quarter of UK registered voters actually voted for the Tories.

… and only about 10% of Scots voted for them!

Hang in there Paul. It WILL end. I was in London in the 70s. IRA bombs, I was terrified travelling by tube, felt our 13 floor building rock one day from a bomb in the City. At the time no-one knew how, but it ended.