It's been mild this winter so far

We have been lucky and it has been mild for us this winter so far, only one frost and some of our sheltered pots still have semperflorens begonia and lobelia flowering, some of our roses are still blooming and the daffodils are well up as well.
Hopefully we will not get late frosts again in the spring like this year which decimated the blossom on all our fruit trees, worst harvest we have ever had this year.
Department 72 near Le Mans.

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You’ve been lucky, it’s been -8 here for the last 10 nights (warmer last night). Frost was 3cm thick, like snow :snowflake:. Normally get that in January and February

we’ve been a regular -6c overnight… until this morning… +8c was the lowest point over night … which is a difference of 15 degrees… positively sweltering now… :wink: says she, throwing her thermals out of the window… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

One thing for sure, our grass hasn’t stopped growing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin:


OH cut ours yesterday… it was a bit of a surprise the see daisies still going strong… until he zapped them…

I think this is one of those discussions where you have to declare a region / microclimate!
In our lower part of the Haut Jura we had several snowfalls in late November. This ended up in early December as about a foot of settled snow. Each night after that we had freezing temperatures, usually between -5 and -7 but one night -14. So the snow has stayed despite full sunshine and clear blue skies that lift the heart almost all day every day for 3 weeks until Christmas Eve. It is now warmer and wetter and I can see the grass again. The grass has not grown although our cabbages and Brussel sprouts have thrived… we also had fresh leeks and carrots for our meal today. The pleasures of space around us in France!


+8c overnight and ending at 18c just before 5pm today. No wind, which does make a great difference… the vent du nord is a killer.

Exactly the same here in Burgundy and all the fruit trees in the the south of the Rhone Valley, apricots, peaches etc. decimated last year.

Amended above.

Our winter-flowering clematis is always a joy at this time of year…

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Our 3rd far, far wetter year than normal on the trot. We’ve had 2 or 3 times the normal amount of water we’d normally have for a whole winter already so far.

None of the weather tools mentioned here has been really accurate until the day. has been the closest to what weather actually comes when

Except that when says a given number of millimetres of rain in a particular hour, it’s always accurate. Just in centimetres the same number not millimetres. And when it says “temperature 0 feels like -4” yup the thermometer says -4 not 0 :slight_smile:

Like this ?
To be fair, we don’t often get frost this severe before Christmas. All gone now, though and a balmy 12°C, with 17°C expected at end of next week!