It's easy to start a business in France

Well starting a new business is never easy.
We have been here over 9 years with our “place to stay”.
Before we did anything we found an accountant and registered
with the Marie.
The mechanism of the business was simple as we have been involved
with taking care of the public much of our working life as chefs and then
restauranters in London.
Most important is to focus and develop the product.
So for us it was vital to keep up the standard at all times.
This means that during March and April refreshing, painting and spending
money on items within the property and the garden to keep the picture bright.
There will always be competition…even in rural France.
When I say focus…I mean concentrate on what you do best and leave the
rest to others.
Just when I think that I have explored all possible ideas …something comes to mind
and off I go to investigate.

Yes but a business is like a lot of things - starting it up is one thing, keeping it going and making it a success is another thing.
It’s easy to get married, clueless teenagers can do it, but that doesn’t guarantee a long and happy future together.

Anna…there are no guarantees in life…never…ever.
We began our project around 9 years ago…still going fine…
But it is time to do what every one else does…retire.
But I would carry on forever.
The problem is that most people can not think outside of that
limitation set by themselves and the majority.
We are living in times of great competition and everything has
to be well priced and special in one way…if not in all ways.