It's getting near that time of year again

Anyone know what the exchange rate was for 2019 ?

The official way of doing this is to take the closing rate on the 30th June and the 31st Dec, add them and divide by two, which gives you 1.14, which seems a little high.


I ask at our local imports.

1.17536 was the ECB annualised rate at 31 December 2019 but other sources such as this suggest 1.14

The exchange rate for 2019 is 1.14 (that is the average of last year). Your local tax office will give
you an exchange rate, but you don’t have to use it. Use it if it is lower than 1.14!!

Don’t forget that you can also check your potential liability by using the Govt site to check your return before you do it. Calcul de l'impôt 2020 sur les revenus 2019
At the end of the day, it might just be an academic exercise if the higher rate incurs no tax liability (as in our case) :grin: