It's grim up North

But then it isn’t really, had a fantastic lunch at La Lucarne, Villeneuve sur Yonne at the weekend. Just off the A6, a good choice on the way to the Channel?

Thought that may provoke a response! Actually we consider ourselves in the East rather than the South but I do agree the Site is rather Sudo- (if not necessarily Pseudo-) -centric; good to read input from the North (but is South of Paris properly the North?) Will try the General’s table next time we’re up that way…

Might be hard for the southerners to believe but it’s not bad at all up here in the North. My other half had a day off so we treated ourselves to a fantatic lunch at Natali’s ‘A la table du general’ just down the road at Colombey-les-deux-eglises (if you’re travelling North Colombey is signposted off the A5). And our pool’s at 28 deg so you lot in the south don’t have the best of France exclusively to yourselves!!