Its not only the French system that makes the simple difficult try the DVLC

My UK photo ID DL has expired so I decided to change to a French DL as you cannot renew your UK license (the photo part) without proof of residency in UK.

As the photo part has expired I needed to contact the DVLC to get a document named the Certificate of Entitlement to take to the prefecture.

Here's how it went. Rang the special number provided by the DVLC to obtain such document.

Hello my photo ID has expired and I need a certificate of entitlement please.

Oh no problem sir whats your DL number we can do that for you and it will cost you £5 for the service.

Oh wow that was easy, great can you email it to me.

OH no sir we can't do that.

Oh really.... is it possible you can post it this week as its rather urgent?

Oh no sir we can't do that. We can only FAX it to you

What! sorry FAX.... I don't have a fax surly email in this day and age or at least post, I'll pay an extra fee to get it posted.

NO SIR we can only FAX.

But I don't have a fax

Then find the fax number of the administration office you will use and we will fax it there!

But there could be umpteen fax numbers, many people and how do I synchronize being there and it not being lost etc. Please I'll pay £5 extra just for post!

SIR (with attitude) we ONLY fax this document, I've told you three times now I suggest you go and get the fax number and call back when you have it. Phone goes down!

Stress level UP: god its truly pathetic in this day and age, bloody jobs worth.

Anyhow after much phoning lots of friends (none had a fax), the Marie was closed, I got a fax number of my son in laws office in the UK.. great he'll post it to me.

Armed with the FAX number I rang back. Got a different person this time.

Hello I'd like a Certificate of Entitlement please?

OK sir no problem whats your DL number

Blah blah blah..

Thank you sir and where would you like it sent.

Sorry sent, do you mean post?

Yes where would you like me to post it.

I thought you would only FAX it.

No not at all it'll be in the post tomorrow morning.

I spoke to someone an hour ago and she said emphatically you would only FAX it.

Oh she obviously didn't know what she is doing!

Anyhow the upshot is my form is in the post and we have sent in a complaint. Its not just the French system that makes the simple difficult!

We had tongomthroughn oth as our fax was not working!!