It's official, Boris Johnson **is** stupid

In other news bears sh*t in the woods and the Pope is Roman Catholic.

Well, the one in the Vatican is - there are actually a surprising number of popes going around who are emphatically not Roman Catholic.


There’s even a retired one - from the job but like a Drs or vicars who can retire but are still Drs or vicars, still a pope - who presumably retains infallabilty on his CV and disagrees with the incumbent pope who is likewise ‘infallible’. There’s a nice push-me/pull-you if you like.

As for “It’s official … stupid”. Nooooo! Really?

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What’s so newsworthy about that? Many MP’s, on left and right, are idiots.

Is there a suggestion that to become an MP you must demonstrate that you are at least not stupid and possibly even a bit clever? But that would be discriminatory!

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It’s all in the watching them squirm topic :wink:

Common sense would be a plus.

Obviously not as good as going to the right schools.

Just goes to show you have to be stupid to go to E*on college then or you don’t get in.

Common sense is not assessed pre-election either. All democratic countries suffer fools gladly.

If we really wanted our leaders to be intelligent and thoughtful, then the choice we make at an election should include penetrating questions and dare I say it, exams. Or similar.

But no, we choose our MP’s based on whether or not they are concerned the local doctors surgery not answering the phone fast enough and then from that intake expect some of them to lead the health service, the MoD, the foreign office.

We should not be blaming our MP’s for getting things wrong, they are doing their best (or worst), it is our (the voters) fault for electing the wrong type of person.

One day on the Thames boating, I came acoss the Eaton boys rowing. It was a deep lock, Marsh or Boulters, cant remember but its deep, around 12ft of green slimy wall above. The precocious little twat on board says to his elder boy “does this lock go up or doiwn”. How much further down do you think we can go, I replied. Have fun running the country and left them to it. They could well be an MP by now :disappointed_relieved:

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Boris has lined his pockets, his mate’s pockets, gets a lovely pension and gets armed security provided at the taxpayer’s expense for life and he’s the stupid one?

Thats the problem its not top down economics its the top lying b’stds that others emulate doing away with any moral compass


Is this not something France tries to do in some way, shape or form with its Institut national du service public and its predecessor(s?). It’s obviously not mandatory, but I had always understood the idea was to train the leaders of the future and the leaders of the past have often been through it, but I’ve no idea whether it is actually any good, does what it’s meant to, or whether it is really just an ‘Eton University’ for French toffs to get a name that looks good on their CV before they slide into an investment banking job then civil service or politics but doesn’t actually do what it’s meant to. Those who know more about the French education and political systems will know much more about it than I do.

Some would say that Eton, for example, does the same. Does it?

Going to an educational establishment does not necessarily create clever leaders.

We do not have any measure of the ability of our MP’s, France or UK.

I feel like this should be a haiku.

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Plus ça change….

One big difference is that not anyone can go to Eton, the primary filter is gender, the secondary is money, and the tertiary one is breeding - OTOH anyone can go to a top university if they’re bright enough and understand what is required to enter the system.

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Of course you are right. But that was not my point. Going to Eton does not necessarily imply that when you leave you will be a good candidate to lead the country. Neither does going to the French Institut, free or not.

We should be examining candidates abilities more thoroughly before voting for them.

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There was enough put there to amply show that Boris was a dyed in the wool liar.
People have to make the effort and be interested enough in the result,

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TBH having spent my entire working life in HE (bar two years in the real world) I think a prospective candidate’s post-education experience is more important (particularly if they read PPE at Oxford!). It’s unfortunate that today too many have never known life beyond the City or party pollics.