It's official, Boris Johnson **is** stupid

That is exactly what the institution formerly called the ENA does :slightly_smiling_face:

It was plain that he was a liar well before he was elected. Stupid? Probably not really in an objective sense, but able to leverage some aspects of his character to by-pass his shortcomings. It’s too easy to simply pigeon-hole those with a different world view or understanding of issues as stupid, even though it’s done frequently, when the truth is that often individuals made choices for reasons they saw as positive even though we believe them to be glaringly obviously wrong.

It is ot a question of pigeonholing folk as stupid, but being lazy and gullible when with just a little effort they could see his reality.
Remember the bus, there for all to see and he had to stop using it because he was making a false claim.

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The bus is still frequently mentioned. It was definitely a smart move at the time, though probably not solely his inspiration, but it has remained in the collective British memory and lilely played a key role in driving opinion. Being factually wrong or misleading was a sign of the corruption that we all knew to be present before he was selected for PM, but the lie was enough to win some over.

The bus appealed to Sun and Daily Star viewers. Cant put readers because they arent that gifted


It was Cummings “inspiration” , the buffoon Johnson had nothing to do with it, nor did Michael Gollum (Gove). They just delivered the slogan. Nor did Johnson have any role on the catchy “get Brexit done” slogan.

Get Brexit Done - Wikipedia.