ITV will be seeking expats in Languedoc will be seeking expats in Languedoc to take part in their "May the Best House Win" programme later this summer. Will post more details very soon ...!

From their Facebook page ... "The production team are about to pack their bags and head out to Europe to film a new series amongst the British ex-pat communities. Are they as obsessed with Buddhas, shabby chic (hooray!) and soft closing toilet lids as we are over here? Can you actually buy Peter Andre's doors in Benidorm or the Dordogne? If you might like to take part in the show do get in touch now by emailing or call the casting team currently in the UK on 0207 157 4974."

Not sure how they found our mobile number, but just had a rep from ITV on the phone asking us to be on the show! Scarey!!

how exciting!!!!