I've got a Sinking Feeling!

This morning a man in a fluorescent jacket, carrying a tripod with a camera on it and a pole, spent three hours in the cul de sac where I live measuring the height of the pavements! I mean, from every possible angle! The thing is this is not the first time that he has done this! He was here last year and there are three or four tiny, little studs hammered into the pavement, so that he always takes the measurements from the same places, using these studs as markers! I can't believe that this is a hobby. If it is, then I am going to take up watching paint dry, as that has to be more fun! But, what does he know that we all don't?

After he had gone, I spent ages looking at my neighbours' houses and mine to see if they are sinking. The pavement feels the same height as usual, though it would do, if we're all sinking at the same rate, but, then, how would the man in the fluorescent jacket tell the difference between this year and last year's height, if he is measuring everyone sinking at the same rate and, more to the point, who is paying him to measure us sinking? Is it Google doing a map of places in the world sinking? Not so much Google Earth as Google Sunk! My only hope is that he is from an oil company, because with the price of petrol these days, if they want to start drilling in my front garden, they are more than welcome!

We found out that the ground just down the road from us is hollow (from an article in the local free mag) after previous chalk mining activity before they built the houses; to the extent that there is only a few metres of 'rock' between the surface & the mine. There is a farm down the road that has tractors going up & down each day. They were going to shut the road a while back to fill it in, but we haven't heard since what has happened or not. I guess I didn't go to the right public meetings to find out, not knowing when & where they were. I feel sorry for those who are houseowners down the road; they must be stuck.

Oh! So they won't be drilling for oil in my front garden? Hmmmm!