Jack Bruce

Most of you know of Eric Clapton ....ONE of the greatest British blues guitarists [Peter Green and Garry Moore less known...but brilliant. Jack Bruce was an outstanding bass guitarist who was a third part Cream and played along side most of the blues greats of the 70s and 80s...

No Barbara I'm as happy as a sandbag. Love the winter always have.

Well I am sorry for not making it clear that Jack Bruce is no longer with us.

I thought that the remarks which followed my announcement were just a small

dose of early winter woes from the men with the "BLUES".

ditto :(

No Barbara it didn't. :)

David having used the past tense I believe that I painted the picture.

The point Barbara was that apart from the use of the past tense in your original post there was little clue that you were referring to the demise of the gentleman in question.

What was the point of those comments?

Many of you....on the mature side will have enjoyed and respected

the music of Cream.

We will all get there....to the crossroads.

All is now clear.

So, it looks like he's got to the Crossroads and now, Lawdy Mama, ...he Feels Free! He wanted to play on Clapton's Tears In Heaven; well now he is!