Jacob Rees-Mogg Admits That He Opposes Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage

Personally, I cannot abide that posh talking weasel. Full of wind and piss IMHO


Perfectly logical as he is a staunch, practising catholic. But he really is a frightful ass as well.

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I don’t like his politics but his self-presentation and courteous manner set him apart from really frightful specimens like Boris Johnson and gruesome windbags like David Davies with his pantomime spectacles and lounge-bar bon-homie.

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Nanny obviously did a good job on the manners front - you are quite right about Boris and DD.

He seems - for all that I agree with him on many topics - to be the current equivalent of John Redwood. Adds a bit of colour, don’t you think?

I like him as he is true to his beliefs which ought to stop him from ever reaching high office.

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Astute comment :+1: with which, perhaps, to wind up the thread…?