Jacob Rees-Mogg's new Councillor is a remainer

(Mandy Davies) #1

One of my favourite news snippets today. Rees-Mogg lives amongst remainers :laughing:

(Nellie Moss ) #2

Love it , my boroughs count only started at 1230 for some reason so I am still waiting

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(Jane Williamson) #3

And Cotswold has gone Lib Dem too!

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(Robert Hodge) #4

Somehow I doubt that JRM will be overly concerned about it.

(Guy Marshall) #5

Astonishing how he can exhort other politicians to follow the referendum result of their constituencies and completely ignore his own.

(Timothy Cole) #6

His constituency voted Leave in 2016.

(Guy Marshall) #7

Good point - thanks for that. I had checked and had thought his constituency voted remain. I must have confused him with Graham Brady/Peter Lilley/Dominic Raab/John Redwood/Liam Fox/Chris Grayling/Crispin Blunt/David Davies/Steve Baker or Ian Duncan Smith.

An honest and understandable error I am sure you will agree!

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(Timothy Cole) #8

Strange you didn’t use Anna Soubry as an example or any one of the dozens of MP’s from Leave constituencies who are doing their best to stop Brexit or at the very least demanding a 2nd referendum.:wink:

(Guy Marshall) #9

Because I don’t recall Anna accusing others of treachery/treason because they did not follow their constituency’s referendum vote.

(Timothy Cole) #10

Anna Soubry not only ignored her constituents she also ditched the party she stood for in 2017 with Brexit as the main part of their manifesto, what a saint.

(Guy Marshall) #11

Anna’s saintliness is not at question here - Jacob’s is :slight_smile:

I do take your point however. One possible explanation of our different opinions may be his position within the ERG. I feel he should be personally responsible for all ERG member’s statements as he is the chair. I realise this is a difficult circle to square as the ERG is simply a loose “support group”, but maybe that’s part of Westminster’s problems - unaccountable loose groups like the ERG (and Momentum?) which allow individuals to make outrageous statements which are not accountable to the group as a whole…

Your thoughts?

(Timothy Cole) #12

People overplay JRM’s importance, he is a backbench MP and has never really suggested he wants anything more as he knows that his staunch Catholic faith is a hindrance to any sniff of power. The ERG gives him a platform to promote Brexit but I don’t see why he should be accountable for what the likes of Mark Francois say.

I see Momentum as a different beast in that they are a growing ‘grass roots’ based organisation who will influence the Labour Party for many years as opposed to the ERG who are a small parliamentary group who will disappear once Brexit is dealt with.

(Guy Marshall) #13

There’s the root of our difference of opinion then. I see him as the chairman and leader of a shadowy, unaccountable, highly influential political pressure group.

I hold him completely responsible for the lies of all ERG members and the evaporation of support for his vision should cause him serious concern.

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(Timothy Cole) #14

Whereas Momentum are a bunch of harmless girl guides of course.:wink:

The fact that you admit that his support has evaporated shows how little influence he had.

(Guy Marshall) #15

I’m no fan of Momentum. I recognise that the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend! ERG/JRM’s mendacity does not excuse them one little bit.

And its the support for ERG’s vision that’s evaporating, and that’s what drives the (personally) amusing irony of JRM’s position, though I recognise I may be a bit pedantic :).