Jacques Chirac: Former French president dies at 86

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I pay my own modest tribute to the life, work and statesmanship of a great Frenchman, former President of the Republic. After CdG, he was, with Mitterrand, the only French President who impinged on my Anglo-Saxon conscience, and first made me aware of France as an important European political entity.


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A moving ceremony at l’eglise de St Sulpice for Mr Chirac. Loads of dignitaries but who represented the UK ?

Wonderful rendition of the Impromptu by Franz Schubert by one of the greatest ever pianists Daniel Barenbom.

As you say, @Peter_Bird - great rendition.

Sounds even better the second time Stella. Barenboim no stranger to sadness and tragedy of course, really plays with feeling.

Yes, I used to love listening to his wife as well.

This is an old one , but still great…

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Couldn’t download it unfortunately Stella, which piece of music is it, the Elgar ?

Sorry Peter.

It says Video Unavailable… but… it also offers Watch on You Tube. click that and it will open the video…I hope.

This is another superb one from their youth…

Is anybody else having trouble with these YouTube links… works for me, so I assumed it would work for everyone… ???

It says video unavailable as it’s blocked from display on this site. No idea why. The link to Youtube works though.

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I found them both on YouTube - which is a great source of music and whatever…

Perhaps the YouTube person who put the videos up there - gets a click everytime you and I look at the videos. :rofl:

Me, I don’t get a click… I get a thrill listening to this great music… and the talented musicians. :hugs: