Jaguar DPF full

Hi all,
The diesel particulate filter on my jaguar xf says its full, red warning. I’ve done a good hour’s drive at 2500rpm on the motorway to try to kick in the regeneration programme, to no avail. Now I see the power management system is throttling the power train, too.
I’d take her into the jag dealer in Bordeaux, but I’m not exactly flushed for cash at the moment.
Does anyone know any good tricks to get it cleaned out, or somebody near Bordeaux who can give it a look?


When was it last serviced.

Check the engine oil level - if over the top mark don’t drive the car without talking to a mechanic.

It’s due again in June. Just checked, oil is fine.

Surely you should be driving it flat out, not ticking over at 2.5K. In fact at the RPM you are probably just blocking it more IMHO.

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't internet leans towards 3000rpm.

I feel that I should point out that to mis-quote Red Adair getting professional help might be expensive but it’s nothing compared with what amateur help could cost you.


Yes, I just read that 2,500 RPM thing. I’ve never has DPF problems, thank goodness, but there’s nothing my catalytic convertors like more than a good blast on the autoroute :slightly_smiling_face: My current diesel is twin turbo, so it runs pretty efficiently at low and high revs which probably minimises the sooty gunge.

As a fellow diesel lover I had recently bookmarked this link. May be more useful for maintenance than emergency though.

If it’s used regularly hot and not due to be gunged up, you could just have something like a defective sensor if you’re lucky.

PS If you’re anywhere near NW 46 I have a couple of bottles of acetone-based dpf cleaner my garage gave me to use from every 4 tanks or so.
Preventatively - but I gather might be useful if encountering symptoms.

My beloved diesel will be replaced in the course of the next year or so, I have enough left over to cover me. Can go look at the stuff’s label if it could be of use.

Some garages have diagnostic tools with the ability to run a static regeneration.
Mine works on most cars but not always successfully if it is too blocked.

Hi Stuart,
You could try and see if these people will have a look at it for you;
Domaine du Tuff
785 Lamolle, 33550 Capian.
Tel: 05 56 92 24 43 or 06 10 20 72 20

They specialise in the refurbisment and sale of various models of Jags, and may be able to help you.

@Stuey79 Not particularly Jag but came across this in my bookmarks for cleaning a diesel : Comment décrasser son diesel ?