Jaguar Land Rover workers put on three-day week until Christmas

Also because of all the scaremongering about diesel sales

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Diesel is dead long term because of the NOx issue.

Or perhaps not

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Truth is many young don’t buy newspapers nor do they watch the news, probably because its boring. Personally I don’t buy a paper and if I did it wouldn’t be the Guardian or Independent. Many of the media commentators are preaching to their already converted across the spectrum of political thinking. Its just a ball ache for all concerned until we have an outcome. Red corner & Blue corner its so tiresome.

Sorry, that went over my head. I thought the thread was about Jaguar Landrover.

It’s hard to know exactly how much relevance the old divisions have at the moment - probably the Leave corner vs the Remain corner is more pertinent at present.

There’s always the Have corner vs the Have Not corner though - that one is pretty perpetual.

Still Mr Waters had his finger on the pulse (that’s sort of a Floyd pun BTW) in 1972


How many likes does it take to equal LOVE what you just said…???

Roger Waters…no compromising that man…x :slight_smile:


Evening, apologies, my reference was to the source of the report and the tickertape nature of Brexit of the folks I know very few if any are following the running commentary. Instead there is very little chatter other than let’s get it done. I only get to see remain leaning articles when folks post from Guardian, Independent, BBC and I respect those posts though it would be good if we saw views from other media organisations for balance?

Brexit negotiations are done when the fat lady sings at that point we have a final state position to review. Every night on the BBC it’s all about Brexit when nothing has changed from the previous day. Groundhog day.

What is worrying for some UK manufacturers is if they are struggling to export in a low value Sterling/ low interest rate environment the future is bleak. Maybe there are more fundamental issues with their product?

I’m not one to wish my life away but I’d love to fast forward to that future point where negotiations are complete if only to avoid Laura Kuenssberg’s “reports”.

Yes I am bored by it all.

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From what I have just been reading in the new Which? car guide
Jaguar Land rover have their work cut out. They are apparently among the poorest vehicles for reliability today.

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You’re lucky to be so far removed from the consequences that you can be bored by Brexit. If you want to see alternative views post a few.

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The journey for me is boring. The joy, in this case for me, is hopefully in the arriving.

That’s my view, if yours differs that’s okay by me.

The arriving? Where? At the bottom of the cliff? Please tell us what you expect to find at the journey’s end, we would love to know. Whatever it is you are expecting it won’t be economic success and the standard of living that provides so if it’s more than sovereignty (whatever that means) and blue passports I believe you will be sorely disappointed. You might as well enjoy the journey, there’s not much else to look forward to. Is there?

Morning, I can’t help you with your brexit anxiety but I would advise you to avoid trying to stereotype me to fit your prejudice.

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You offer nothing. You are like a child in a playground that goes around chanting ‘we’ve won’ without understanding what they are talking about. Please come clean and actually explain what advantages Britain and her population will gain from Brexit. You like every other leave voter refuses to do that simple thing. Why? I believe I know the answer.
Brexit anxiety? Interesting words. You might not be aware but you are posting on a site used by people who live full time in France, those who own holiday homes in a France and those who enjoy visiting a France. For the average person who uses this site the shadow of Brexit is nothing but negatives; an increased cost of living, huge amounts ofhassle regarding paper trails, a loss of the freedom that they’ve enjoyed over the years, the fear that in the future their neighbours will consider them with the same contempt as seems normal in the UK through ignorance at the moment because they will be considered foreigners with no right to reside, stress caused by entering the unknown etc, etc, etc.
You with your one liners and smug answers are nothing but provocative. Do us a favour and add to the conversation, don’t continue to write short, superior, unpleasant content. Do you get a real kick out of that? Prejudice? It’s hardly surprising,


You’re an angry person David. All of us react and change to the environment we live in. I suspect if it wasn’t Brexit you’d find something else to get angry about. What we can control is ourselves and how we interact with others and whilst I hear your view I don’t have to accept it nor will I mirror your style as I find it objectionable. Try and focus on something which makes you smile life is better enjoyed in that way.

You don’t know me. My life is amazingly positive. Read through some of my posts and you will see the many activities I enjoy. I’m not an angry person, I just question what role you provide on this forum. Come on, man up. Tell us about this rosy future you believe in. As you won’t I can draw my own conclusions.
As I said before your short posts are designed to be provocative, nothing positive, nothing useful, nothing helpful? What is the kick?

Location Braintree. Please, what’s your interest in France?

I am looking for a break - a few months maybe a few years or longer. I’m considering France or Spain. I use these kinds of sites to gather information from helpful folks who post all manner of things which I wouldn’t necessarily know otherwise.

I’m conscious of the challenges Brexit might present me and trying to develop mitigation strategies so that potential issues are minimised. We all have an interest in the outcome but not necessary the endless conjecture and supposition - to those who are interested that’s fine.

I don’t have a role here or need one, I have my views as do you, I accept my views aren’t universally accepted but you should know that neither are yours.

In fairness I said much of this on my introdoction but I’ll humour you. Ive seen dried up husks of what were active web communities and most can trace their demise back to a few folks that view them as their patch or stomping ground - its a shame as in most cases the majority of contributors are level headed and reasonably well mannered.

Most people try and keep things brief given threads arent conversations they are normally isolated thoughts or statements and quickly forgotten though its incumbent on all of us to keep them civil.

Thats my agenda - make of it what you will as it doesn’t matter to me :slight_smile: I might chip in when people present their views as fact rather than their opinion though, as its important to keep that perspective.