James Higginson IS the Internet

Hey!To see the Higginson Effect Google:Isoble Brookes Branding, to see what it achieves!

Some of you may remember Mr.Higginson who was very active in the SFN regime, until he went full-time into the building trade....er..Yeah, But, hear this! Ol' Dusty Higginson, as they called him, left us .. with a great legacy, a gift...... the-Intraweb!

Well, he may not have invented it, but he has made it his own....The Higgternet...the World Wide Higg... On offer... a one- click Gateway to the world!...and beyond probably! if you need to get out there... for..um..perffff....whatever.

Here we've all been ...givin' it 'Oh ya! Our SEO guy says I mean you need fresh content daily, Ya? you know 'Content is King'....type of ( sling yer own word in here, most fit ) SFN, in the meantime, has it sussed!


Yesterday, I went with me new Gig Buddy Eugene, he's like, Irish 'n stuff, my youngest, and my Wife ' Ol' Sheller' to our local The Zingapub....WHICH I'M SURE YOU'LL LIKE where we ordered 'Moules', Spaghetti etc. Whilst waiting for our nosh, Eugene picks up Gabi's guitar and breaks into song! amidst the road noise, and the table of elderly French Gentlemen, who were all drinking Pink drinks..but ......you know...each to their own..

If you take a look, there is a gun shot half way through, which scared us all ( I messed my pants... ) err...dunno, that may be too much info..still, anyway...have a listen. I took some pics...as I'm doing a web site and FB page for the Landlady as a freeby...like you do!

I uploaded them to My Photos on SFN...

Today, I keyed in 'Zingapub' and blow me down...the pic of me spag' was Numero Uno in 'images'! You click the pic and it comes back to roost at SFN ...ok? on my albums page...Ya? Which you will now go and visit!

What a service ...I know it's not ALL JH the 'smiley lady' is still there ...not sure what she does ...um...something secretarial I think...anyway, yeah...

I'll be off then..![](upload://2zcP4ZXrOK6jjrdFb0S9YQmw2tI.jpg)

So that's that then..Ron Birks is the best.. just Google Me

Agency Launch Apt 701 by Isobel Brookes and Caption Creative Consultants

Isobel Brookes now showing at thewebcircle Online Portal for the Arts


ISOBEL BROOKES website launches 7.30

We started the make

ISOBEL BROOKES famous campaign yesterday

Click the link which goes to Google Images

In continuance of the now well known Higginson Effect I, yesterday employed the technique to launch the career of a the Daughter of a friend in the UK, who is also a FB friend with my own daughter of a similar age.

I had intended doing a Post on Teen Attitude 'What-e-vah' but mindful of the fact that my Daughter would probably kill me...I decided to explore the avenue of achieving world fame for her friend. I checked with her Mum...ripped a few pics of her FB page...spent a couple of hours on a sample Book...and there you go. I took a 'screen-grab' in the morning to show the Google position of her FB entry.. there were a couple of others with her name which is quite common. Issie, and her charming boyfriend Ben, are very excited about the project, and are working on articles....and quips and 'superb' pics, and over the weekend we 'remotely' ( will put a site together )

The acid test was how far up the ranking can one get in one day?

See for yourselves Simply Google her name

Isobel Brookes

Issie Brookes

I don't see why Issie can't become famous, persue photography, design, publishing...what-ev-ah!!! as long had her studies aren't ignored. A star is born? Decide for yourselves

Me? check out Ron Birks

THE Final Test

PLEASE Help..Please 'Google' the following word: Higgternet

and let me know the results, Thanks Ron Birks

getting close to the OH descending to start processing me for the morrow... I need to do a siesta thing then it all happens - so might not be around much longer. have fun with somebody anyway....

He'll be lapin the rest to be first in the queue for the Bunny Stew.....not Stew, Brian, sorry.... keep mixing-me-hosties.

Entreé of course, Rabbi Terrine with a Bunny Dip...mmm..

"I Hefner time for zet sort of sink"...as the Cherman Playboys would say. "Lass mich richtig fressen, du"..etwas kraftigess...anyway that's no way to collect your tips...Tie Sytle is so much better, big boy.

oh Ha Bl**dy Ha

to think, so priceless even warren buffet could not afford that one

@ Brian wait for it...

Buck Shot !

rabbits count as luggage... £20 a shot

I'd heard Brian..it's an utter disgrace...but I have that covered I've booked in to have my head shaved, then off to the tattooist to have loads of rabbits drawn on me pate!

They'll never know!

o'sneery is introducing a new charge for people who are not bald - £8 PER HAIR!

yeah pull that rip cord!

She's got the return journey sussed tho'...Putting all her clothes in the hand luggage ( every stitch up ) and wearing the Baked Beans as jewellry

yeah, £400 for a big job if you use their paper. Did you provide them with a beginner's book on mugging so that they understand english shop sales techniques?

Dear OH and the Tea-Pot lids are Popping for a Spot of Shopping to the UCK, with Dreary O' Leary's crew...hope they've been to the WC...can't afford that on top

Ryan Ear, the people who never listen perhaps?

Err ... well Ryan should Air on the side of Caution