Jeremy Hunt

Far be it for me to say the tories are gentetically pre disposed to line their and their friends pockets but it seems they just cant help themselves. Greed is good to coin the Woolf of wall street whereas I see a different end to them but hey ho our latest chancellor…


People in the UK, me included, were pleased to see Hunt appointed, simply on the basis that he’s not a lunatic. But he is a Tory, of course.

May not be a lunatic, but his track record with the NHS was not impressive.


The bar is set pretty low!


Andy, I think it says everything about British politics when people are relieved that Jeremy Hunt took charge! I still live in the UK (but having a blissful two months in mid France). I fear for where our democracy is heading. Age of stupid and all that.


Didn’t they have that picture of him for the NHS where they gave him red devil eyes.

Spot on Karen