Jess the cat returns to ensure cat owners 'Spot the Signs'

Postman Pat's iconic sidekick Jess made his first big screen appearance in more than four years to support a new campaign that teaches cat owners the four main signs to look out for that indicate their cat might be in pain.

Supporting cat health campaign, Spot the Signs, the film responds to new research that shows 75% of cat owners find it difficult to recognise the signs of chronic (long term) pain in their pet. The research also found that cats in the UK are living longer than ever, and are more at risk of developing age-related conditions such as arthritis.

Further, despite an ageing cat population, more than three quarters (78%) of cats have never been taken to the vets for an old age check-up.
Cat behaviorists agree: "Cats are programmed by evolution not to show obvious signs of pain to protect themselves from prey. Unlike dogs, they rarely cry out or limp, preferring instead to hide and shy away from contact.

One of my cats has grown a new cancerous tumour in the same place where he had a tumour removed a year ago – on his heel of all places – a tumour that doesn’t spread but is likely to return.

The vet reassured me that my cat would do far better if his back leg was amputated, rather than removing the same tumour over and again – less painful. I have agreed to the amputation but I’m worried he might not cope – he’s about 13 years old.

Has anyone had a cat where a back leg needed to be amputated?

Hi, I’d be inclined first of all to get another vet opinion, amputation is drastic, but I’ve had 3 cats with back leg amputation and they generally get by and compensate with the remaining back leg.
I’d still prefer to be sure if it is really necessary though if it were my cat.
Where are you based?

Our cat lived quite happily for some years having lost a hind leg in an argument with a harvester.

Likewise our Gimpy who got his paw stood on by a horse when a kitten lead a full and active life to 18y.

Hello Lynn, we’ve met in the dim & distant past when I and an American woman visited you at home to see how you set up your cat cages. We created our cat association in 2007.

Thanks for the advice, but I trust my local vet (Vetea 17000 Saintes) who carried out the operation to remove the tumour. I’ve been using them for very many years for many many cats! The vet I saw today, a mature experienced vet, was the vet who removed the first tumour, which was huge, a year ago.

She is familiar with my cat whereas other vets are not, and he gets into such a state when he has to go anywhere by car.

I’m starting to limp again with sciatica, so I’ll be in complete sympathy with my cat BigBoy!

ps The first tumour, all of it, was sent off to a lab for a biopsy which concluded that the cancer was one that will reoccur, but won’t spread. The first operation took a lot of surrounding tissue away but didn’t prevent the reoccurrence.