Job Hunting Near Castres

(Teresa Ewart) #1

Husband and me looking for part-time, casual or occasional work from April this year. We’ll be living near Castres in the Tarn… He’s a multi-skilled builder, I’m a graphic designer and cook - though I can do pretty much anything!

If anyone has any work leads please, let me know!

x Teresa

Up Stix To France


Have you guys found anything in the area. I did some work with the Chamber of Commerce etcc but enough to pay the bills. Would appreciate an insight into what other Anglophones are up to…

(Teresa Ewart) #3

Thanks Chant, that’s especially nice of you!

(Chant Sutton) #4

Hi Teresa,
I live in Castres and have had a hard time finding anything. But that does not mean you won’t. I will let you know if I hear anything in those domaines.