Job opportunity - December 2015

Agence International

Job vacancy

Vacancy for an International Client Advisor

Applicants need to be a native level English language speaker and also have a very good level of fluency in French

Previous experience in the insurance or banking industry or in a customer facing role is preferable

The position is initially on a CDD basis

To apply please send your CV to

For more information please contact Paulette Booth 05 61 07 16 84

AXA Agence International

2-4 avenue André-Marie Ampère, c.c. le Perget, 31770, Colomiers

Do we know where this job would be based? I have a duo-lingual friend who may be very interested!

Many thanks Paulette and James.

Hi Rachael, reply in English is fine and for the cv either is ok but in both would be fab :D

Good question Rachael, let me find out for you.

Hi James, as the advert is in English? Does this mean an English reply/application/CV do you think?