JOB OPPORTUNITY, Fluency in French and native English required

Just passing this on from an Learning French regular emailing that I receive…

Sounds a good, working from home opportunity for some with the right skills…See what you think…


Just to add that I did a small project for this same company many many years ago and they were pleasant to deal with, no hassle getting paid and seemed a good company altogother. Could be a great opportunity.

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Dear All,

I can’t manage to post, and do not know why so please excuse my putting it
here but it is getting urgent:
Help needed in the Paris region -

Dear all,

For a young man aged 27, we are somewhat urgently looking for a room with

  • if possible - private shower & WC in the Paris region.
    Please reply if you know of anyone that will rent with a lease.
    The young man in question is EMT but speaks adequate French.
    Budget around 550€ inclusive of all charges. CAF is possible.
    He has a part time job and is looking for full time. He has had a good
    education plus a lot of work experience.
    He does have valid work papers, and a ten year residency permit.
    He has been awarded refugee status (Geneva Convention 1958) and can apply
    for French citizenship.
    Thank you for reading my posting.
    Anna Louise