Job vacancy on the Riviera


After eight years of looking after a villa for exceptionally nice owners my DH has decided to retire. Know anybody who would be interested in replacing him as guardian of a villa on the Riviera? Job entails all the usual stuff- garden (large), pool, general maintenance. Separate one bedroom cottage accommodation.


HI Brian,
Sorry, the vacancy has now been filled.

Sorry Jason, They’ve found a replacement for my husand this week. I do hope you find something soon.

Hi Jennie,
Have added you as friend. Could you please email me on
to discuss this position.
Kind regards,

Hello Jennie

Is this position still vacant? I would most definately like some more information. I have experience in pool maintenance and general property maintenance also. Would it be possible for some more information on the location and what is involved work wise etc. I am very interested as my mother is selling up her property and moving on and the appartment I live in has to go to. So I am looking for a new start really. I am very reliable as anyone would tell you and very hard working.

Kind Regards