Joe Biden formally nominated for US President

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From what I saw of it, it was moving in its simplicity. I realise some Americans love the traditional hyped-up razamatazz, but this stripped back présentation had à touching quality appropriate for these times where layer on layer of insincere hyperbole seem to be the default political mode.

Let’s hope it works. Goodness knows, something has to change.

Biden is such an awful candidate though, I despair that the democrats could not find anyone stronger.

We’re still in “least bad” territory - it is possible (please <deity>) that enough Americans have woken up to how awful Trump has been as president (but he still has an unshakeable base) to get him out of the Whitehouse but it won’t be because they want Biden - it will be that they don’t want Trump.

Yes! Fingers crossed.

In what respect do you think Biden is awful, Paul, and what strengths does he lack? He must have some enduring qualities to have gained the nomination in the face of the several formidable competitors as stood against him. I think he will be principled, tough-minded and a resolute character in the face of challenge.

He frequently can’t hold the thread of an argument - actually worse than Trump in a couple of interviews.

Probably but I confess I don’t really understand why he emerged as the front runner.

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Seriously, can you name one Peter and please don’t say Bernie?

Bernie (Sorry to disappoint!) :stuck_out_tongue:

You have disappointed me Peter, Biden at nearly 78 faced no credible opposition and was the only candidate who had a chance of beating Trump which given the state of the US at the moment says a lot. The Democrats have learnt nothing over the last four years and wasted three of those pursuing impeachment which failed, the country is a complete mess and neither Sleepy Joe nor the Madman are capable of sorting things out.

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Probably because he has, or can get hold of, more money than anyone else. I really don’t think competence has anything to do with running a country these days.


I think he acknowledges he’e a placeholder, a safe pair of hands, until someone better comes along. Maybe even his running mate? If I was an American voter I’d vote for Homer Simpson before I’d vote for Trump. Given the Worldwide damage he’s done already, his second term will bing a new meaning to scorched earth.


I couldn’t agree more…lesser of two evils. He is so weak. It would be the same as voting Corbyn in and ending up with Bozzer. NO WIN

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Biden gives me the creeps and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end…

The only democrat I like is Robert F Kennedy Junior :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know enough about him to comment but what a troublesome family!

Biden is not the perfect man (who is?), but to me he appears a decent man, not a spoiled narcissist. I must admit I prefer Bernie, but he is to left for the americans (he believes in universal health service and free education, what a marxist). My real favorite is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she is to young (need to be 36 to stand for president), but I hope she will be the president one day.


I don’t believe he Will win with the spending he is planning