Jogging ... how do you keep safe?

(stella wood) #1

No idea of the details… but this poor lady jogger has come a cropper…

Do you wear flourescent clothing when jogging…are you aware of your surroundings …eyes and ears

We recently passed a jogger, dressed in black, sunglasses, earphones, and obviously oblivious to our presence … this was 8.30am on a dull morning

(Jane Williamson) #2

Simples.I don’t do it.

(Mandy Davies) #3

I’m with you Jane.

I can think of only one good reason to run and that’s if you’re being chased :grin:

(Mat Davies) #4

Using a treadmill - I was advised not to jog outside in the dark as the limited visibility knackers your ankles as you can’t see what you are about to land on and adjust your foot position accordingly.