John Innes Compost in France?

Hello everyone -

I wonder if anyone knows what the French alternative to the "John Innes" type, soil-based compost in France is called please? I have always used the John Innes type of compost in England, as I really, really do NOT wish to use any Peat-based compost - apart from which, the soil-based compost here in the UK retains moisture far better and has some "weight" to it.

If you know of a good soil-based type of compost in France, both for Seed sowing and for re-potting mature plants etc, I would be very grateful to know what to look for. Here's hoping!

Haha, sentimentality provides an answer. Where I went to school was originally John Innes' place pre-Norwich, indeed he was one of the benefactors who made the school exist at all. So I have a silly loyalty, plus find it still the best soil based compost of all. I have bought No 1 through at under €10 the sack then, but no doubt that must be over €12 now. The postage is a bit steep but then I ordered 10 sacks and got a reduced shipment price.

Compost végétal you can find on for about €8 the 20kg sack is excellent. I am making my own now but when I got short I order some theirs as a composter booster.