John seems to be right

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Hi Karen,

I am convinced John is 100% right and I am beginning to wish I hadn’t gone to the Mairie.

To reinforce John’s point, because we used to flit back and forth to the UK I decided to import a right hand drive Honda CR-V. One of the deciding factors was that the headlights would not need replacing at just over one thousand Euro’s each.

Presented the car for CT to be told that it could not be passed without the headlights being replaced.

I produced the cars manual stating that the headlights adhered to the European rules all to no avail.

After much deliberation the guy said that if I returned tomorrow with the stick on deflectors he would fit those and issue the CT.

I duly presented the car and was told to return in half an hour.

I collected the car with it’s lovely green sticker on the screen and the UNOPENED pack of deflectors on the front passenger seat.

No loss of face, no admission of error or responsibility and we all went our way quite happy.

I have just got to lose this Brit abroad attitude of trying to do everything by the book. A lot less hassle

Kind regards



The Impôts (Cadastre) are using drones these days and are picking up on everything not applied for properly and given permission for, swimming pools currently are a favourite as they bring in extra taxes from the owners so I would say do not be tempted to construct anything until you have the correct paperwork and permission to do so, it will come back to bite you or whoever eventually buys your property one day. Remember too, people will snitch on others they don’t like having garden sheds,summer houses etc especially out of towners with second homes. It used to be the rule that you could put up a small construction as long as it was dirt floor and not a permanent concrete base which meant it could easily be dismantled, we certainly had a few of those and even with the new cadastral and the visiting agents, were not ordered to remove them but they were included in the new maps.

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Thanks for the heads up Badger. Hopefully rectified now🤗.

Still is the rule :slightly_smiling_face: