Johnson eviscerated by Ed Miliband

I think Miliband did rather a good job of pointing out the flaws in the Internal Market Bill. Bojo and Gove looked as shifty as I’ve ever seen them. The fun starts at 02:40:20 into the clip and goes on until 03:06:00. Bill Cash who speaks immediately afterwards is interesting too. I think it show who’s running the Country, it’s the ERG :roll_eyes:


He did, it was a good speech.

But - 80 seat majority = feck all Labour can do about any of it, no matter how good the speeches.


The bit of the commentary which surprised me was that the DUP have joined up with the Conservatives again :roll_eyes:

Well, yes - because they were shafted by Johnson’s WA and now they are unshafted so back on side.

Aas Ian Dunt commented:

They’re all hypocrites really.

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Have you just discovered that?

What, that they are hypocrites? - no, it has been obvious - well for ever really, but it has been much worse since about 2016 for some reason.

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Sammy Wilson is a bit “special”. He’s also causing his boss, the bold Arlene, inexplicable grief. Sammy is a nutcase.

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I do think Johnson will need an extra toilet now that Ed Miliband. “ripped him a new one”.

What is damned frustrating is that with an 80 seat majority it is pretty clear he can do whatever he likes.

If only Labour had offered a remotely plausible leader during the last election as so many people just could not vote for Corbyn.


The problem is that Johnson does not care, he knows that he is unassailable at present and has shown that he does not give a fig for parliamentary sovereignty, the judiciary or even honouring international agreements.

He just won’t give a toss about Miliband’s speech, or who he throws under the bus.

Ooops, I just posted this link on the Bojo thread.

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Absolutely! It was clear as daylight Corbyn had very little chance of every winning over the electorate. Imagine if Starmer had held the position four years ago. We could have been in a very different position now.

The problem is that he has found a new cohort of MP’s who seem willing to go along with his self gratification, including mine!
All the old decent Tories have gone by the wayside, although even now there are Brexiteers who are saying this is going too far.
What a pity they hadn’t the foresight to stop him when they still had the chance.

I guess this is fundamental flaw in our system, one lunatic can derail the whole show. It’s not as if there weren’t enough precedents in the thirties. Yet here we are again. We haven’t introduced sufficient checks and balances.

The problem is a lack of a written constitution and a country that runs like a gentleman’s club - on the honour of those in power.

When people in power have no honour the system falls apart.

Not that a written constitution is total protection as Trump is demonstrating, but it is a little more robust when a maverick such as the current POTUS shows up.

It takes more than one lunatic, all those who have stood for Parliament on his ticket, not to say all those who voted for him in the Tory Leadership election and the General election.

Well the lunatic Trump has thrived too.

I think you need one lunatic and then the other lunatics come out if the woodwork and coalesce around them. There will always be a significant number of dangerous, devious idiots in any society but the lead idiot gives them a rallying point and a legitimacy, even if only in their own heads.

Johnson isn’t the brightest but the affable, back slapping, jolly chappy image suits the dark forces of the ERG and Cummings very well. I man, could you ever see anybody following Cummings. Wooster Mogg is keeping a low profile. I know he’s self isolating at present but since his chaise longue moment in the Commons he’s been missing in action.

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Well you can blame Milliband for Corbyn’s election, so it’s about time he made some amends.

Doris getting instructions from Dom on how to respond perhaps?

Angela Rayner did well against Doris at PMQs today too… Seems Doris is easy meat these days and been sent off to the tea rooms (not his usual haunt of choice) to try to keep disgruntled Tory MPs on message…

Perhaps it might have helped if people had voted for a party, the manifesto and party policy instead of a persona. Corbyn wasn’t ‘The Labour party’. The party exists without him. He was simply temporarily, leader of the party.
Nothing will ever change as long as voters voted to an individual they feel some emotional attachment to, instead of voting for the party and what they would like to see happen in the country.

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