Johnson in character yet again

Unfortunately despite all the “we hate Boris people” he has a HUGE personal following in the UK…think back to “Harold, Maggie, Tony” .
The UK media creates or feels the popular mood of Mr or Mrs Joe Public and creates them as loveable rogue leaders. The same is now being done for Johnson, not for Starmer.
Come the next election …autumn 2024…watch the media which is so powerful in the UK create a “but that’s what Boris is, he’s doing his best, he shines optimism”, whilst earnest Kier is seen as boring and flat. Unless Starmer dramatically ups his game the uk will have another 5 years of him and his acolytes.
But why worry we don’t have to live in it :grinning:

Not sure about the ‘huge personal following’ of Johnson. Latest poll: 34% satisfied with Johnson’s performance, 49% dissatisfied (not actually very different from Starmer’s 28% satisfied - though both are falling).

The pandemic effect seems to have been that incumbents in office did well - not just the Tories at Westminster, but also the SNP in Scotland, Labour in Wales, Burnham in Manchester, etc (and the same can be seen in other countries too by the way). But my guess is that this was probably just a sort of general relief - which probably won’t last long.

Plus, of course, that whole personal ‘celebrity’ following thing is notorioiuly fickle, and can quickly swing from love to hate.