Join me on my 62km walk, but actually 90km

So, our holiday cancelled, and no change from daily routine. Lots of things to do so no great hardship, but wanted to give ourselves a challenge of sorts for the week we should be on holiday.

Richard Long is an artist I love, and does wonderful things connected to his passion for landscape and walking. Including a lot of walking in circles. So we are going to walk the circumference of our 10km rayon…mathematically 31.42km but with the lakes and hills in the way it will be somewhat longer! And it will force us to walk in a way we wouldn’t normally…

I have done the London circle, so this will be rural equivalent.


I like the idea of lots of people all across France walking 10km circles…


Great idea!

Circumference of a circle is 2πr - 10km radius = 62.83km walk. Hope that you have sturdy boots :slight_smile:


Phooey! Always better at walking than maths so we’ll be fine.

And apparently the 10 km radius circle covers a total of 314 square kilometres - exploring all of that should keep us busy for a few weeks! :grin:

What a great idea! Perhaps we could park the car somewhere in the interior of the circle and do a sort of triangle (DEFINITELY not up to 62km :roll_eyes: )

Any shape you like…this is his cerne abbas walk. We might have to do a weird shape as some cliffs on the route. Walking yes, rock-climbing and abseiling no!

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Thanks Jane! My partner has just pointed out that we have 2 cars and thereforecould put one car at one end of a section and the other at the other end. What it is to have a brain that still works :smiley:

The criss-crossing concept is good though - I like that. Our local tourist office has asheaf of leaflets on wlaks but a lot of them use voies vertes and the local farmers have been ploughing them. Using the roads is a lot safer and we could reccie the voies vertes at the same time…

We only have one car…so our routes are going to be complicated especially as no school means not many buses. I might have to enlist a support car!

Can I take the car ?

That’s cheating, Peter :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Yes but I’m knackered !

So I have just traced out a route…which adds up to over 90km :scream: And over 1700m of climbing up, and of course 1700m of going down (which I often find more difficult that going up). The yellow blob in bottom left quadrant…

That’s going to occupy the week’s holiday!


Wow,Jane! You are going to be sooooooo fit :smiley:

I’m confused dot com. As a Physicist I must challenge the 62.83km. Surely you have to travel 5km to get to the ‘10km’ circle. And, when you’ve finished walking the circumference, another 5km to get home again. If you take a car to the ‘10km circle’: (a) what do you tick in the attestation? (b) will your car still be there when you get back / what if you lose the keys on the walk?

Its a 10 km radius (20 km diameter) and if it was me, I’d take the car and if I lost my keys, then my fault and I’d have to do the extra 10k to get back home. Don’t need an attestation within a 10 km radius.

…fair point, but 5km to get back home …

Oops. Regular readers know I always make a simple arithmetical mistake or two . Yes, 10km.

So the walk is now 82.83km long if walking from home to the 10km radius circular walk.

For someone in their mid 60s walking at an average 1.3m/s would mean just over 17.5 hours continuous walking = quite a challenge.

For someone more agile who can keep up with Eliud Kipchoge at current world record marathon pace it would take just short of 4 hours - so could be done by lunch.


I’m overlooking the driving bits, and just counting the kms covered on our feet. My challenge, my rules! Especially as we are very unlikely to be able do this in one go so will be lots of driving there and back (tho’ maybe sometimes using friends to drop us off and collect us).

My average walking speed on the local terrain, which is often scrambly steep paths, is about 3km an hour! So the 91km will more like 30hours/6 days walking… our week’s “holiday”. I did the Thames Path -300km - in about 12 days, but it is basically flat!

I couldn’t find paths that kept inside the 10km without making huge detours, so the route does occasionally cross the border. But chances of crossing a gendarme at those points is I think small!

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