Joining Montpellier group!

Hi all

I live in Agde (which is quite close to Pezenas) so it would be great to join this group. I notice that some of you have been here for a while. Do any of you know any reliable plumbers in the area or how I would go about finding one!


HI Gillian

Depending on what you need, they may need to be qualified and registered. I don't know the chaps Sheila mentioned, but liability laws in France are not the same as the UK, so may be worth checking it out.


Thanks Sheila thats brilliant!


Hi Gillian. I used James and his son David Southern, trading as "Helping Hand". They do plumbing and list themselves as "General Builder, covering all aspects" and will cover 11 and 34. Their phone number is 0468 32 06 17. I found them reasonable and turned up when they said they would!