Journées du Patromoine 2018 - Any interesting visits?

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It was the Château de Peyras in (and next to) the Charente for me. A lovely afternoon visit.

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Oh that does look fascinating… have to make a note…

cheers David.

I was whisked off to Vichy for a night on Saturday, it was our 10th’ anniversary’ . Never been there before, stopped at lots of little interesting places on the way down. Had a great Airbnb studio close to the station, was able to leave the car and explore on foot. Visited the opera, free for the day, took the train touristique, walked ourselves silly exploring this lovely little city. Had an amazing meal at an Indian restaurant in the evening, the best I have had in France.
Sunday we visited the medieval village of Charroux where there was a special guided visit and some wonderful artists shops. Also visited the Abbaye Saint-Vincent de Chantelle, only open 2 days a year, guided visit and a chat with the nuns, passed by Culan where there was a special fete.
Great couple of days with loads packed in… vive les journées du Patrimoine ! :hugs:
Have not even had time to download photos yet, phew :slight_smile: