Jours Fériés (Bank Holidays) in France 2022

Always useful to note what falls when… and the possible consequences/advantages …

One of those poor years when several fériés fall on a weekend :bowing_woman:.
One of the few advantages in the UK, who had Monday and Tuesday last week, and tomorrow to compensate for weekend Christmas and NY !

All the days are the same to me now - every day is a jour férié :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Perfect. One of the most important back to work tasks. Optimising holiday planning🤪

you sashayes out and ends up in an empty car park 'cos the place is closed!

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In order to make it automatic, “subscribe” to this calendar in your Apple/Google/any calendar :

Copy above URL address to clipboard (do not click on it to download, just select and copy), then, on a Mac, go to Calendar, select File - New Calendar Subscription and paste the address into the URL field. Do this once and it will automatically update year after year.
The procedure must be something similar for Google Calendar, and other.