July/August Travel in France

Here’s the latest I could find…
It’s a bit long-winded … but for those who are planning journeys, it might help to know which dates/days to avoid (if possible)… Bison Futé offers a clear graphic halfway down the link…

Ah yes, les Samedis Noir.

I remember a French holiday many years ago where the Southbound A16 was moving at 50kmh and we had to queue for 30 minutes to get into an Aire.

Learning occurred.

The A20 in Limoges is currently closed between Sorties 30 and 33.

A bridge over the A20 was being repaired overnights last week when some of it broke away. It has been repaired and is now waiting for government engineers to give it the OK.
The overnight engineering on the bridge will then resume.

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That fast! Positively rushing along. OH remembers a time in the 70s when the families in the cars got their picnic stuff out and had lunch at the side of the road, passing stuff through the window to Dad at the wheel. Every so often the picnic tables would be picked up and moved another few meters as all the Dads inched forwards. :grinning:


That does bring back happy memories… :slight_smile:

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@crabtree24 We got tangled up in the A20 Limoges mess coming back from Limoges airport on the 13th. It added over an hour to our journey and we seemed to go round and round in ever increasing circles until we got back to the open section of the Southbound A20. Our local paper said they were hoping to re-open the Autoroute on the 1st July. I presume this is not the case.

Did 5 years in the Limoges traffic jams while they were still building the A20. Never again. Worse than Rouen when they were digging the centre of that up.

I’d recommend families take a completely different route even if it’s a much longer motorway route eg involving the A10. Anything to avoid the Limoges traffic jams.

@Cromdale It was expected to open on the 1st, but the government experts have decided that more inspections and verifications are necessary early next week!

@KarenLot I have been driving from Dordogne via A89, A20, a little cross country at Vierzon to Gien, then A77, A19, A5 and N36 to Meaux (77), and return regularly over the last year, around 6 to 6.5 hours with a couple of shortish stops. It has been a breeze, Limoges included, although I make sure that I hit Limoges outside of the rush hours and not in high summer. It is obviously a little slower through there with the 90 and 110kmh limits, but fortunately no ‘bouchons’.

Our prefecture closed a road that was due to be used for the Tour de France. It’s closed until September. The Tour had to change it’s route. The alternate route is on a really badly paved, narrow, dangerous road that is currently being used by 30T lorries, which had made the road deteriorate even further. There isn’t really any other option. The riders are going to love that.

Agree. For a moment there I got all excited thinking you had found a shorter cut from Vierzon instead of that looong drag with all the roundabouts to Orléans South (good IKEA there btw with decent coffee) then more roundabouts across wheat country to the A153 heading up to Dieppe… then realised you are heading further North to my old place instead.

Agree even with the motorway sans roadworks It"s always a good idea to try to get past Limoges before rush hour in either direction. With known roadworks on any bit of the A20 near Limoges on any of the grand départs… seriously go via Bordeaux or stay at home :slight_smile: !

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UPDATE: The A20 through Limoges has fully reopened this evening (5th July).