Just a thought

Just a thought while we bask in all the B****t talk.

What the flipping heck will we be talking about when B****t is done and dusted or, will it never end ?
Can, anyone see a time when the UK is settled and normal service is resumed ?


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Ah so, before 2200 hrs this evening then ?


My head is spinning - catching up on all the horror of politics. 2150 seems around the time we look for a nightcap… hic… that’ll suit me… :upside_down_face::yum:

Err.… no

Forgive our flippancy, Paul :upside_down_face:

If you will forgive mine :slight_smile:

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Flippancy apart…

I must say, I thoroughly enjoy your explanations and dissections of … whatever… you cut through the cxxp and give a reasoned resumé which I find very helpful.

I’ll raise a glass in your honour… later tonight.

@Stella “Flxppancy apart”…

I find the phrase “cut through the cxxp” distasteful in the extreme, especially when the press is full of grxsly accounts of stxbbing and knxves on the streets of our cities, which are xwxsh with blxxd.

Let’s endeavour to cxt it out.

And is the threat to rxise a glxss not tantamount to an incitement to vixlence in these turbulent times?

Just as well I have a good sense of humour… :slightly_smiling_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

Just like me! :joy:

I’d share the figs with you, if you were nearer… another basketful tonight…:upside_down_face::laughing:

I agree @Peter_Goble
Now made worse of course by Tim Martin - founder and chairman of Weatherspoons - who has just announced a 30p reduction in the price of a pint to show the British people just how cheap booze will be post brexit - really??


Exactly…even with a 30p reduction, how could anyone call a pint of beer in the UK cheap? :beer:

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I have to say that I am confused by Tim Martin’s accent. Is it an accident of birth, a result of a CVA or regional but every time I listen to that man on TV (usually Questiontime) I can’t help but think he sounds absolutely pissed but @Anglozone is absolutely right, if he can afford to reduce the price of a glass of ice cold piss by 30p he must either have been overcharging it in the first place or his workers are going to suffer a pay cut (or both).

Which is a pure stunt - tariff on beer from EU = 0%; tariff from beer imported from non-EU countries = 0%. I.e Brexit will make no difference at all to the tariffs that Weatherspoons has to pay on beer (duty is, of course, another matter).

This article tries to explain the theory behind it…