Just arrived back from a week away

j and I took a week away before we begin the season.

Three sizzling hot days in Porto seeing everything, tasting local cuisine and

making notes re the hotel teatro where we stayed.

The experience was interesting and the touring yellow bus a great asset:it presented

the city on it's finest profile, the port and the beach areas.

Then on to the fringe of London where we caught up with most of our close

Uk based friends who travelled from far and wide to meet us in our favourite restaurants.

Royal China Club in Baker street was exceptional and the cooking and concideration at Indian Zing

was really good. The flavours and lightness which is usually excluded from Indian cooking

was there for us all to enjoy.

So in the airport we stayed close to our place of departure.

The Marriott Hotel...I recomend that you do not bother to eat there. ...BUT due to a late

fairwell to our very good friend who joined us there we induldged in the unforgettable. Having

ordered a large mineral water WE WERE told that that they do not refrigerate them as

there is no room.hmm.

I am an early riser partly due to the I must get up to prepare breakfast for the clients

mentality and partly because I can not stop thinking...AND thinking works well when I am


Firstly I discovered the bazaar boarding card situation which is too mad and verbose to describe

but I was left wondering if I had booked a seat for myself.

Then I found out at the reception desk that there was no transportation allowed near

the south terminal as there had been a major accident/incident in the versinity.

So everyone had to make their way to the airport by foot.

I had secured a trolly for our cases and coats and jumpers....the temperature had jogged

around like crazy during 8 days.

Having established that I had a right to fly and got a boarding card to ease my tension

I then noted that our flight was to be late. I then found out that French Air traffic control

were on strike and most flights to France had been cancelled.

Bad luck....and a little good luck as our flight eventually set off on an adventure of waiting

in the take off lounge and eventually arriving in Bordeaux 4 hours late.

Ah well back in work mode and getting reading to do so many things.

Hope that you are all well and looking forward to Easter time.