Just... Now... Then

We all live our lives, getting through twenty four hours each day, though what we do to fill that time is very different (or is it). I thought it would be interesting to see what we all do with our time, hence Just (What have you just been doing), Now (What are you doing now) and Then (What are you going to do).

For me I have just been cuddled up with the little ones while they watched some cartoon, Now I am having five minutes on the PC while the little ones play with their mum (they are banging the wall) and then I will be taking the little ones out to the shop to buy some brioche.

What your just, now, then?

Nice idea, James!

JUST dropped my friend & fiancé back home & soothed frazzled nerves about organisation for their wedding next Sat. NOW ‘30 minutes time out’ while my daughter does the washing up & the other too are having a break in their separate rooms. NEXT another friend is due at 3pm to start plaiting their hair in preparation for aforesaid wedding where they will be bridesmaids.