Just saved 600 euro!

Due to the good advice on SFN ihave just saved a nice wad of cash !

how you may ask ?

Well reading the various posts on cancelling insurance etc & customer care levels offered by the various insurance companies i decided to ask my local Allianz broker to visit & quote.

Currently we are with Groupama who have been a total disgrace in the way they have dismissed a claim which to me and anybody who knows the facts seems reasonable , the renewal pack arrived last week postmarked the 29 of November which really pissed me off - so we decided to ditch and shop around.

The Allianz quote for the house / gites / public liability / new for old / no excess /+ 2 cars is 600 euro cheaper than GRUMPAMA !

oh and i am expecting another devis from MMA but they expect me to show them my existing renewal contract first before they make an offer ! Muppets............

so thanks SFN groups

Happy Days


I forgot to add that my broker speaks very good english which helps immensly when dealing with contracts etc.

i found the comparison website intersting and will be using it to give my current shower the review they deserve............


true but moneysupermarket have typically under 10 reviews for a given company, whereupon the French one has over 100. That makes the difference between an anecdote and a statistic. Me I like statistics.

Steve these websites also exist in the UK....


There's a website which compares insurers according to customer opinions. This counts a lot to me, because if they cheat you when you need them most, ie refuse a claim, then it could be a complete disaster. (I'm not aware of a uk equivalent)

http://www.opinion-assurances.fr/classement-assureurs-habitation.html (Allianz come out not too badly)

For mutuelle (hospitalisation) I think I'm going with AXA, even though they are 250€ more per annum, because of their much higher rating on this site (vs Swiss Life).

They just don't understand competition in France...... whereas in the UK, I received a quote in the post from the AA who provided my car insurance year before last.....for nearly £700, thats with no claims, the fact I am nearly 60 with over 30 years driving experience and no accidents and the fact I drive a 1 litre little car. My insurers Halifax quoted under £186...with same perks. So I rang the AA and told them their quote was pants...and had them look again and come up with something much closer to the £186, but still not good enough.....at least they understand being competitive and try harder!

excellent I like to hear good news stories:)

Great news! I'll hopefully sort ours out next year and I'm sure find it cheaper.


Brilliant Steve. So it’s a Merry Christmas chez toi then.

Whey, great news!


Good stuff!