Just when I thought Marina couldn’t get any more incisive

Just when I thought 20 threads on Boris Johnson was enough.


I would be more happy to never ever hear of that man again.


Yes, but two on Marina are not nearly enough :joy: This isn’t about Boris really, he’s just the catalyst for the exposure of a whole corrupt party.

BTW, what did you think of the article?

On and on it goes…

Same old, same old.

No MP with the possible exception of Paterson has broken any rules but morally it stinks just like always. Some in Labour are calling for a complete ban on ‘2nd jobs’ yet Starmer can’t because he earned 0000’s up until he became leader, then you have Sir Ed Davey doing the same thing so the LibDems have to keep quiet.

Guardian journalists will always focus on the Tories because they’re in power and from the Right so I expect yet more similar articles but I’d rather they pushed for a change in the system which is where the real problem lies.

Two more pieces on the UK government…

Michael Dougan, Professor of European law, on the famous Article 16 and David Allen Green’s thought experiment…

Such cynicism in one so young, ah dear.

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